9.9. (Today makes a cute smiley)

Hello dears \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
I am ill so I thought about writing something when there's time. But I hope I'll get better soon because coughing is pretty annoying v.v. On the other hand I can watch TV-shows for the rest of my days.
Anyway the school started. Which is I don't know... going out every day, seeing sun every day. So strange haha. The worst is probably my schedule. I mean I was really thinking about getting a social life. But having school until five or more is just a little too much...
Really needed to use this gif while referring to school xD


I am not dead

Just half dead.

Haha. Anyway I felt like I really should write something after so long time. Though there's nothing interesting about recent months.
On the other hand I successfully avoided sun. Kind of the only thing that was well done. I also tried to finish some mangas but all are half way done(if I even started). Because you know how idea comes and you even start making sketches but then the idea seems foolish but even so you want to finish it because there's nothing better...
So if anyone has a good idea, let me know(´∇ノ`*)ノ.

Beside tries to draw something I finally read The Hobbit. Plus I should really read all books for maturita exams soon.

But what was really best on summer were probably all these awesome TV shows I saw xD. Which brings me to end this article because I must see 8th season of Supernatural until school starts (“⌒∇⌒”) (And finish one manga so I'll post it when I'll be done^^).

So enjoy these last free days and bye(๑・ω-)~♥”


Cosplay plans

Hello, dearsヽ(*・ω・)ノ♪
Though I thought I won't do anymore cosplays and invest money to more clothes etc. I've got new energy recently^^. So here's the list:

1. Mai Tsuzuki also known as Misato Uehara from NANA
Cosplay of anyone from NANA is must-do-once-in-my-lifetime for me. I thought about cosplaying Shin for the first but I think real hair are better for him o.o' and I want long hair now.. But more and more I think about cosplaying her, she seems more and more suited for me. Haha. Firstly she is stalker kind of fan (But I am not as big stalker as her. Really.). She is super rich (It's sad that in this point we are not similar...). Also her fashion style is awesome (But well who from NANA doesn't have an amazing style.).

2. Hina Ichigo from Rozen Maiden
She loves sweets, cakes, strawberries and drawing. Plus she's childish and such. Someone totally perfect for me *laugh*.

3. Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden
But I don't think she even was in anime so she is probably in manga only. Need to read that. But she has lovely clothes*.*.

and few from anime I haven't seen yet and was told I would suit them:
4. Chii from Chobits

5. Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats

6. Lieselotte from 11eyes


Animefest 2013

Hello dearsヽ(;▽;)ノ,
considering that con was on 10 May maybe I'm little late but nevermind xD. I didn't have mood for writing at all -.-". But I finally finished reading Nana yesterday so I hope my mood will be better. I such a depressing manga =.= (but still an awesome masterpiece).
But back to Animefest. About this year programme I think I only wanted to go to talks about yaoi, fanservice... Beside that there wasn't anything interesting for me. Anyway it was an awesome weekend because of lovely people I spent time with:3.
Plus I enjoyed cosplay of Ulquiorra so much~. For the first time people took pictures of me^///^.

And now some photos which I don't have many.


Cult party kei

Hello, dears(*・ω・)ノ
Today I am going to talk about Cult party kei. Well maybe not really talk as I know little about this style but there will be a lot of photos:3. I love white outfits so much>///<.


Descriptions by my observing:
You can wear almost what you want. Just lot of layering. Lace and ruffles. Transparent materials. Shorts and skirts. Tights with pattern/tattoo. Nightgown. Vintage. Pastels. White and little red. Girly. Cute. Handmade. Dolly eyes. Red upper cheeks.


Sayonara no Hate

these days are full of happy moments and strange sadness and loneliness. Anyway my mood change crazily easily. Huh. So about the look. I had a really bad mood so wearing black and white was for sure... I got obsessed with Shin's lighter, I just totally love it. And love to wear it even though it's quite heavy and climbs on my neck and beats like heart while walking. Really! About the leggings... I really loved them on pictures but they just don't look good on my short chubby legs><... So it's everything from me for now.
Have a nice day~

Friday was so rainy~ I miss it.

Lalety I've totally fallen in love with Sadie*-*


Shopping update 01

Here's a first shopping list*always too lazy to take pictures*.
Well it's more like what I got on birthday^^''. Though all things that I ordered still haven't arrived.

And sorry for being so annoying but could you please give me like (or share would be good too) in fb contest? 

Please, please~ (just click on pict)

And now finally...

finally my dreamy shoes~


Future? No future for me

Being older is so hard T~T. BVB's concert was postponed. I was too late and didn't got ticket on Gazette T-T. *and now I sound so childish*
And reading Nana makes me think about the future for some reason. How sad and pathetic living is... I won't ever read anything heterosexual again. I am going back to my lovey-dovey BL stories~. 
Also I am thinking about changing my haircut/hair colour. But it seems like I don't have any choice ><. I don't want to cut them, I need to wait some time for my bangs to grow and I want to just keep going whiter. I'll be glad for any help^^'.

I really like this scene >DDD

got my necklace today:33

Yep and I joined instagram today*bored*. Nickname: #amai_marshy


It's 9th April.

So a quick summarize of my plans etc. Well how you might know in September is finally Gazette's world tour *breaking money-box*. So for sure I want to go^^.
Next is Satsuki's concert in Munich, I would like to go. Does someone going?
But what's bad is that I am ill now ;_; *drinking healthy drink*. Because I need to be okay until Sunday for Black Veil Brides concert v.v.
Oh and I have birthday tomorrow~ *gifts, gifts~ *-* *. But I don't want to be an adult>>. It's such a weird age... Anyway I am staying at home because of being ill *watching Doctor Who all day* such a lucky birthday~ xD.
So enough from me *going to sleep early*

Have a nice day,
yours Amai

my new shoes *.*


When I want I can look normal

Hello dears,
so April is here (and my 18th birthday almost too-.-'). As I warned you before I really didn't have any time in March. The main reason was so called manga. Results will be announced in July I think... Anyway I will do my best to be even better(*≧▽≦) ( a silly dream is still a dream). 
So anyway there's my outfit from two weeks ago. I went shopping with family so I tried to dress more casual xD. And while tiding my closet I found this old shirt. I totally forgot about it, though it's really nice-.-'. Well so I though I must put it on. And I didn't wear my Gazerock t-shirt for awhile too...
So enough talking there it is, I going to sleep 9_9.

Have a nice day/good night,
yours Amai.


Free to the bones

outfit from Friday. I felt like let's dress and do make-up nicely today. So I was a little late at school because of it xD. But it was okay someone always come even later than me. My hair are growing so fast, I need to finaly cut my bangs as I almost can't see =.=. Last week was so windy and cool >.< so a sweatshirt was a good choice. I really love my Vivienne Westwood replica ring, one day I surely buy a real one as well as a lighter.
Inspired by great Irodohieru, I tried to wear skeleton tights with ripped leggings. It don't look as I wanted so maybe jeans would be better.
So that's all from me. *curenntly in school* As I must go work again -.-'.

Wish you a pretty week,
yours Amai


Still breathing but not sure if still living

Hey, I just noticed time goes faster than expected. It's already half of march o.o. I am still around January-.-''. I am so sorry for not writing for such a time, I just really anxious about everything ;_;. So I am not really able to write anything.
Deadline of a manga is end of March. I am far from finishing it>.<. There're also some works to school. Etc. Everything go on my nerves. So I am forgetting what I should do because there's also something else to do.
So in the end I read some manga until the late night to wake up tired next day and end up sleeping in classes... But these mangas are really good xD. I didn't laugh so much while reading them for a long time, younger small naive semes are so funny xD. (uke: Grow up and then I let you kiss me!...seme: drinking milk all day). And I am also reading Nana... Someone please put all these guys in another universe and let Nana and Hachi be together *puppy eyes*...
I am rather ending writing, I am not able to write anything beside fangirling.. And anyway I must go paint something...

So have a nice days(after March I surely write more),
yours Amai

from lolita meeting which was few weeks ago(I think)

Yohio's song are so addictive... I miss his looong hair


Ai ore + gifs

Hello^^, here's my feelings about Ai Ore^^
So, I liked this movie:3. I've read only beginning of Ai ore manga, so I can't say for sure what's different and such. Hmm, but I must say I like movie more than manga, especially because in manga Mizuki looks more cooler and I didn't want her to be with Akira xD. And I shipped Akira with some of his classmates-.-'. 
So for me movie is better xD. Mizuki(Ito Ono) looks cute and girly and Akira(Karam) is a korean girly boy. And what I find really lovelyis how they wear lolita as school uniform *-*. And the best about Ai Ore is a girl band*-* and girls over heels in love with them. And for me the film's best point.... Akira~ starring Kaoru Naruse *A*. Seeing Akira/Kaoru angry. Jealous. Her smiling face(●♡∀♡). 
Nextly it's might caused by my imagination but Kaoru looked like she was in love with Mizuki. Becoming jealous over Akira/Karam (why they must have the same name xD) and then acted angry.
Oh as well also lolita models play here(・ω・). Midori and Misako.

Anyway I made a lot of gifs xD especially of Akira(*・ω・)

left one is like: someone sent me sms *looks* no, it's just a mobile company
(left)I would say kiss her xD if I didn't ship her with Midori and wanted her for myself xD
look look a new yaoi manga~
this is so cute*A* I want Usakumya too (*≧ω≦)